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Hello Fellow visitors.I hope you will enjoy this anime forum mainly focused on Bleach.However I do want to inform you that bleach isn't the only topic and sections you will find on here.There is much for you to explore and enjoy!I will give you the possibility to RP for many animes,such as: One piece,bleach,Star wars, Pokemon,fairy tail and much more to be made.There are also many other things other then RP,we will soon create a section for novice writers,who wish to share and have there story rated and commented on.We also have a section for good photoshop users who can post and have rated and even rep'ed for their signatures or avatars.

A little bit about me.I am Mugen,the owner of the website.I enjoy making other people happy and I am also patient with those who are hot headed.My favorite bleach characters as you might have guessed are Hirako Shinji and Grimmjow.I hope you like my forum and have fun!

We hope you will enjoy our friendly forum,enjoy the rp and most importantly; fallow our number 1 rule, HAVE FUN!!!

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