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 Pokemon Ranger Rai Rai

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academy student
academy student

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PostSubject: Pokemon Ranger Rai Rai   Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:52 am

Basic Information
Name: Pokemon Ranger Raiden
Nickname: Rai Rai
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Looks: Red hair, brown eyes, Pokemon ranger clothing

Personality: Serious and very quiet but isn't afraid to stand up for what's right.

Facts About You
Specialty: Exploiting Weaknesses
Your Pokemon: Varies…

Background Info.
Since his debut, Raiden a Pokemon Ranger, has worked hard with his pokemon and wNts to be the very best.


Don't have one.

Theme Song and Background Music:
Lights Out - Breaking Benjamin


Won: 0
Lost: 0
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academy student
academy student

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Ranger Rai Rai   Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:30 am

lol kinda looks like you copied from mine but bleh....-approved-
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Pokemon Ranger Rai Rai
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