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 Akiza's Bleach Shinigami Bio-Kirin Tenguste

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Akiza's Bleach Shinigami Bio-Kirin Tenguste Empty
PostSubject: Akiza's Bleach Shinigami Bio-Kirin Tenguste   Akiza's Bleach Shinigami Bio-Kirin Tenguste I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 12:54 pm

Basic Information
Name: Kirin Tenguste
Nickname: The Blue Eyes White Dragon Warrior
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Is a: Shinigami
Personality: Friendly, Calm, but very strategic when in battle.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: RaitonRyu (Lightning Dragon)

Appearance: Like any normal katana, but with a dragon’s head on top of handle, and 4 claws as its hilt.

Shikai Description
Released by saying, Pure Lightning, RaitonRyu. My zanpaktou becomes 2 dual bladed swords like these:

Shikai Ability: In shikai, I am able to focus my reitsu into the gaps of the swords, creating static, allowing me to power up my lightning based shikai attacks and techniques (includes any lightning based kido that I use my zanpakuto to enhance).

Bankai Description
Released by saying, True Lightning, RaitonRyu. I completely transform into the blue eyes white dragon master warrior, into an armor something like this:

but instead of an orange head there it's a blue-eyes white dragon's. My shikai attacks and all other lightning techniques are powered up in this form, along with a second form (included in abilities)

Bankai Ability:

My shikai attacks and all other lightning techniques are powered up in this form, along with a second form that I can go into simply by releasing the armor, or if it is destroyed. By doing so, I am saving my reitsu, enabling several effects. I appear naked, with an electric current moving about my body. My Zanpaktou turns into pure lightning as well, further boosting any attacks used as far as cutting ability, immobilization, and any kido/shikai/bankai techniques as well. Also, by further gaining an addition of a pure lightning zanpaktou, I gain the speed of Yoruichi's Shunko. Along with a grand boost of my mastery over lightning, I gain the ability to control the pure lightning zanpakuto like Byakuya's bankai with either my hand or my zanpaktou itself.

Zanpakuto Techniques:


Background Info.
History: Born into the elite and thought to be extinct Tenguste clan, Kirin was a sweet girl who loved learning about her clan's symbol of power: the Blue Eyes White Dragon. She was even prophesized to become the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon Master Warrior, and she did. She excelled in using her swordsmanship and dragon style of fighting. She defeated all who thought they could defeat her, making her the clan's champion and leader. She then left her clan to join the Soul Society, and excelled there as well, for she is now the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. She visits her clan every so often and uses the Soul Society's power to help revive her clan, for that is her most personal wish.

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Akiza's Bleach Shinigami Bio-Kirin Tenguste
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