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 Allen Walker bio (minus release xD)

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PostSubject: Allen Walker bio (minus release xD)   Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:27 pm

Basic Information
Name: Allen Walker
Nickname: Friendly & Protector
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
is a: Arrancar

Personality: Allen is one of the only friendly Arrancars that exists in Hueco Mundo, he has extreme respect for his superiors and has dedicated himself to protect them at all cost, but he does dislike Shinigami a great deal, mainly because they cause harm towards his fellow Arrancars. When he’s not training or fighting, Allen is a friendly and helping person in Hueco Mundo, he spends a lot of time training Fraccion members and regular Arrancars.

History: Allen Walker’s past is a mystery, it’s known that he was found in the dessert encased in a great cell made of his own body, he was brought to Hueco Mundo where several high ranked Arrancars tried to break through his cage unsuccessfully. The day Aizen died Allens cage exploded, and revealed a tiny Arrancar inside it, he was deemed unworthy of living in Hueco Mundo, and was cast aside by the Arrancars close by, but they underestimated Allen, he killed one of them with ease, and spared the others under the condition that they would work to increase the defensive power of everything they’d ever meet, except for Shinigami.
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Allen Walker bio (minus release xD)
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