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Kurayami Mugen
Kurayami Mugen

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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:21 am

‡ SOTW Rules ‡

SOTW means Signature of the Week. It is a weekly signature contest. The signature which wins the contest will be placed in the SOTW Hall of Fame, and the user who submitted it, will get this SOTW Medal

The contest starts every weekend, though it can vary. Submitting lasts the whole week, after that, there is another week to vote for the submission you like the best when the poll is up. The exact dates are always mentioned in the thread that announces the theme of that week.

The rules:

* maximum size for the signature has to be 450x200 (horizontal or vertical and a few mm more or less don't matter)
* the submissions must be home made
* no stealing other peoples work
* only one signature per person
* the submitted work must match the given theme
* no author sign in the signature, it must be anonymous

Voting with multiple accounts is not allowed, and neither is asking people to vote for you.

Your work like we said, must be home made, original, so; searching the net for signatures and submitting them directly is also not allowed.

In case you get caught, you will be disqualified, and your work deleted

Every month, 1 of our staff will create a submission thread.In that thread,you may post your signature with all the other info on it.At the end of the month is will be closed,and a poll will appear.All users will vote and the winner will get a prize ^_^

If you want to suggest a theme, please do so here.

I am you thats god...nah just kidding :P
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