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 Kurayami Mugen bio

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Kurayami Mugen
Kurayami Mugen

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PostSubject: Kurayami Mugen bio   Kurayami Mugen bio I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 6:51 pm

Kurayami Mugen bio Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8aobSFSaYmpl8bsQ2oX7IzHBgh8zOUYB48FcedGBUFnyb6Tb0

Basic Information
Name: Kurayami Mugen
Gender: Male
Age: 200 (looks like he is 25)
is a: Vaizard
Rank: Vaizard Leader

Personality: Laid back and calm like Shunsui from Gotei 13.In battle he likes to take it easy and get serous when he is forced to. However once he becomes serous he doesn't underestimate his opponent and attacks at the first opening.

Weakness: Mugen has one weakness,he takes battles too easy going and usually pays the price of getting slashed because of it.

Zanpakuto information

Zanpakuto Name: Yonoikuchi (nightfall)

appearance: The zanpakuto is divided into 2 identical black swords,1 on each hip of Mugen. How it looks is shown in the picture in the spoiler below.


Shikai Description
Description: After Mugen says "Cast the land into the flames of darkness,Yonoikuchi!", the 2 blades create flames around them and turn into 2 blades the look like so:

Shikai Ability: Control fire
The shikai ability is to release and control flames,however they only do this by techniques and not just.As well the blades themselves will glow from heat,increasing the damage of the attack.

Bankai Description After pronouncing Bankai, the swords will burst into flames and Mugen will appear to only hold 2 handles without blades.However the handles will then ignite and send a column of fire out of it and shape it into a giant sword like shown in the very first picture.(except there are 2 of em) At the same time dragon shaped gauntlets will appear in his hand to protect him from the heat.

bankai Ability: To release Huge columns of fire without the need for a technique.(meaning I can just send a huge column of fire once every turn)

Zanpakuto techniques

Background Info.
Born in Rukongai, soul society, Mugen, through all his wishes wanted to be captain commander of Gotei 13.He indeed passed all obstacles and became captain of squad 11, however, hollowfication experiments were going on at that point and he accidentally got involved. After hours of struggling, he overcame and tamed the new ability. Gotei's trial however did not see him as a more powerful ally,but a threat and ordered his execution. By the help of the captain commander, Mugen escaped and was found by the Vaizards,who took him in and trained him. It was not long after that Mugen himself,became the leader of this Vaizard group.

Vaizard mask: Mugen's Vaizard mask is oval and has red squares around his eyes.When he activates it,his flames all become black.

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Kurayami Mugen bio
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