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 Basic Fighting Rules

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Basic Fighting Rules Empty
PostSubject: Basic Fighting Rules   Basic Fighting Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 5:35 pm

General rules:

At the begining of a fight one must define the following rules:
2-Define type of battle within the following category's:
-All out(so all abilities that one can use)
-Taijutsu(taijutsu only fights,which can include nintaijutsu if both fighters agree )
-Kenjutsu(sword battle which can use kenjutsu)
3- define any kind of limitations to certain abilities and to number of elements(max 3)
4- If in a team battle or war the users must create an fighting order.
5- No wars for the time being.

single Battle's:

-Only three (3) moves are allowed per turn.

-Obligation to block or avoid a ninjutsu/genjutsu/kenjutsu by using another that can logically do it.In the case of taijutsu, one may avoid or block low level taijutsu with basic movement but if done one must describe correctely how he does it.

-Respect the time frame rule. So one must react atleast after the first move made by the adversary in the previous post. In case of the previous post being the first move of the fight then one must respond to it enterly.


-One can only use one type of animal summoning jutsu per match.
-One can only use up to 3 diffenrent elements per match.
-One can only use up to 1 forbidden technique as this should waste a great deal of chakra or have some type of down side.

Team battle:

-All single battle rules are in use.
-Up to three man teams.
-the order must be alternated between the teams and each member must try and stick to one enemy so to avoid confusion, but he can defend his team mates or help them with special techniques.
-After one team looses one of their man the order will be the same excluding the lost member

~As new rules are added or old ones reviewed this thread will be updated~
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Basic Fighting Rules
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