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 Battle rules

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Battle rules Empty
PostSubject: Battle rules   Battle rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 24, 2011 3:04 pm

Battle rules

Battle rules Upload-22

Now to begin battle,you must:
1. Specify the location,or describe the terrain.
2.Restrictions(not always) like: no bankai or All out if you don't need them
3. Specify the type of battle: spar,battle to the death.
4. Post a link to your biography.
5.State the zanpakuto you are using

Rank points

In battle you have a certain amount of points which you may use in order to preform kido or zanpakuto stuff.Each rank has a specific amount,they are listed below:

Shinigami;Adjucas;Quincy novice- 20 points
Seated Officer(3rd till 10th);Quincy apprentice;Novice Vaizard;Numeros - 25 points
Lieutenant;Fraccion- 30 points
Captain;Espada(priveron Espada too);Quincy master - 35 points
Zero Division captain;Senior Vaizard-40 points
Captain Commander;Espada 0;Vaizard leader;-45 points

Technique costs

Now as for techniques,there is a indicator of how strong it is.It could be low,medium,high,very high and forbidden.Each of them have there own cost of points to use.Those costs are shown below:

low- Uses up 1 point
medium- Uses up 3 point
High- Uses up 6 point
Very High- uses up 10 points
Forbidden- uses up 15 points.

Rules on point usage

As long as you have enough points left it is fine to use them up.For instance a Espada 0 can use 45 low rank kido's or 3 forbidden ranked or mix em up.Just remember to keep track of how much you have left and use them wisely! However I know this question will pop up,so I will explain it.
For example: If you have 3 points left and you want to use a High rank kido,which needs more then 3 points,you may preform it if its in a 5 point range.However you will lose automatically due to lose of conciseness unless you kill your opponent with it which will bring it to a draw.

Note: Once you reach zero points,you lose the match
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Battle rules
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