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Don't be hesitant,and join us.I know the forum is new,and don't expect it to bloom immediately,but be the first to join and help us with this forum that will one day be one of the top bleach forums!

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 Forum general shop

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Kurayami Mugen
Kurayami Mugen

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PostSubject: Forum general shop   Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:15 pm

Welcome to the general forum shop!!!

Here you may request to buy something.In order to buy something,you must have :money".The amount you have is shown below your avatar.Please request under the fallowing template:

[b]Number of the item:[/b] (like if you needed a new username,and there is a "1" near it,then enter a 1 here)
[b]How much money you have:[/b] (look under your avatar)
[i]Description of what you need:[/i] (like if you requested a new username,then enter it here.)

The list of items are here:

Item Name Number Cost
Username change11000
Color name2500
Create a contest3500
add own smile to forum4 100
Create a group5700
become a chatbox mod(1 week)6 5000

This is the list for now.If you wish to suggest something do it in the shop suggest/discuss thread

I am you thats god...nah just kidding :P
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Forum general shop
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