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 2nd bio - Saix Sato

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academy student

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2nd bio - Saix Sato Empty
PostSubject: 2nd bio - Saix Sato   2nd bio - Saix Sato I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 12:29 pm

2nd bio - Saix Sato 203px-Sa%C3%AFx_Days
Basic Information
Name: Saix
Nickname: Luna Diviner
Gender: Male
Age: 25
is a: Shingami

Personality: He acts very calmly, never losing composure in even the direst of situations. But his usual calm exterior belies a savagery, Unlike his calm and reserved manner that is usual of him, in battle he roars, shouts, and attacks relentlessly with no sense of self-control. In fact, he is practically psychotic under the influence of battle.

Zanpakuto information

Zanpakuto Name:

appearance: (describe)
(image of how it looks goes here)

Shikai Description
Description: [Describe what occurs upon release and how the zanpakuto looks in Shikai form]
(image of how it looks goes here)

Shikai Ability: [Type can be put here/Optional]
[Describe basic Shikai ability. For example, if it is a melee type zanpakuto that can extend and retract, state this as its ability]

Bankai Description (only write bankai stuff here if you have achieved it)
(image of how it looks goes here)

bankai Ability:

Zanpakuto techniques

Background Info.
History: At some unknown point in time, Saix died and was sent to Soul Society, having a peciluar Reiatsu, many of the captains saw him as a second Ichigo, although his Reiatsu wasn't as strong and heavy yet very potent. There he trained until he reached the power of a captain, although never actually attaining the rank Saix is waiting for his moment to become a seated officer so that he may make his way to captain status.

I will be submitting a new Zanpaktou for this bio.
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Kurayami Mugen
Kurayami Mugen

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2nd bio - Saix Sato Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2nd bio - Saix Sato   2nd bio - Saix Sato I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 2:08 pm


Lols Pm me your zanpajuto after its approved and Ill edit the bio instead of you re-submiting it

2nd bio - Saix Sato Hirako_Shinji_Sig_Version_2_by_kingsephir
I am you thats god...nah just kidding :P
2nd bio - Saix Sato 2qkqgza
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2nd bio - Saix Sato
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