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 Battle Stadium Rules

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Battle Stadium Rules Empty
PostSubject: Battle Stadium Rules   Battle Stadium Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 9:27 pm

Rules-How to Pokemon Battle

1.All regular forum rules apply, including the rules against spamming and flaming.

2.Before starting a battle the participants must agree on the location and terrain description and which pokemon he or she is using.

3.Each pokemon can only do two moves per turn.

4.An attack can not be avoided, it must be blocked.When blocking you have to describe how exactly do u block it or avoided it.

5.Only two Pokemon of the user can battle.

6.Only the original attack of the Pokemon

7.Each Pokemon on a player's team will start at level 50 with the HP at 200 (atk, def, sp. atk) they're all at 100. Each trainer will only have 3 berry to heal there pokemon becasue the HP is so high no higher potion.The berry only heal half of the HP of the pokemon.Infatuation works every other turn and confusion only lasts 2 turns.

8.Post the pic of your Pokemon but if to big post it in a spoiler.

9.The same Pokemon can only attack once per post

10.Comboing attack using the same Pokemon must be use like this
Pikachu-use quick attack and next turn as Pikachu is doing quick attack use iron tail.

Have Fun Pokemon RolePlaying..

And honestly, if you want to do it free-form/freestyle, thats fine too...this is just how me and another person made it for the past group after we tried some freeforming and freestyling. (and freestyling/free form can be whatever you want it to be as I really dont have a definition for it xd)
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Battle Stadium Rules
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