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 Battle Examples

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academy student
academy student

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Battle Examples Empty
PostSubject: Battle Examples   Battle Examples I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 9:35 pm

Using Rules:
Ash: *throws out two pokemon (espeon and umbreon)*

Kumori: *throws out two pokemon (drapion and darkrai)* u go first

Ash: Espeon: Use Quick Attack (note not to attack any one of your pokemon)

Umbreon: As Espeon use Quick Attack Umbreon jump right up behind espeson and use Hyper Beam on Darkrai...(note:recharge turn is required on the turn after damage is done, during which no action may be performed)
Kumori: if u forgot....normal type attacks dont work on (wait a min) *checks bulbapedia* rats. i thought that darkrai was a ghost and a dark type

Drapion moves in front of Darkrai and uses protect to block hyper beam.

Darkrai then gets back in front of Drapion and uses Shadow Claw on Espeon while Umbreon has to recharge

Ash: Espeon is already doing quick attack so as Darkrai she Shadow Claw Espenon use Iron Tail the attack become more powerful because it was use with quick attack...blasting Darkrai into a tree..Espenon did jump back beside Umberon...

Kumori:As Espeon is about to hit Darkrai with iron tail/quick attack combo Drapion uses X-Scissor which hits both Umbreon and Espeon, thus espeon is sent back away from Darkrai, and then Darkrai uses Shadow Ball on Espeon

Bug type super effective against Dark type
and Dark type super effective against Psychic type

Ash: I would say your timing is off because i use Hyper Beam and u use Drapion to block it and as Drapion block it u had Darkria to attack...give my Espeon enough time to attack your Darkria becasue of quick attack...

Espeon jump in front of Umberon and use Reflect to block your X-Scissor..

Then Umberon use Zap Cannon to overpower your Shadow Ball because Zap Cannon is a continue attack and your Shadow Ball is a ball your blast off...Paralyze Darkrai...

(Note: Zap Cannon Has a 100% chance to Paralyze the target.)

Kumori: Reflect only suppresses the damage dealt by a physical atk so they still get hurt (just not as much as it should do)

And zap cannon only has 50% accuracy so my darkrai moves away from the blast and it misses it (it still did destroy shadow ball)

As Umbreon fires Zap Cannon, Drapion uses X-Scissor from behind it, thus sort of weakening the zap cannon (so now it only destroys the shadow ball)

And then Darkrai uses Dark Void thus putting both Espeon and Umbreon to sleep.

Ash: did Drapion get behide me...?

As Drapion about to attack Umbreon Espeon quickly use quick attack knocking Drapion away from Espeon...

Umbreon quickly bite Espeon on the ear softly awww.. and use dig...donging your attack with Darkrai....

Kumori: U should never use dig against me dude i know how to atk the pokemon while its underground.

Drapion uses Earthquake thus heavily damaging Umbreon and Espeon (who is asleep now due to dark void cuz u didnt avoid that atk after using quick atk on drapion last move)

Darkrai then uses Shadow Ball on Espeon thus making it faint.

*Earthquake does damage a pokemon even if its underground*

Ash: T_T *pull out poke ball retrun Espeon and Umbreon*...u win this jk

Kumori: lol

Drapion! Darkrai! Return!

Thanks for the battle.


Free-form/Freestyling is doing this without rules and u can use as much stuff as you want or w/e xd...with rules is just more organized xd

I've got some other examples from the past and they're freaking good...especially this one I had with gats....ah the good old days xd in fact i think ill have all the ones i did on nb posted here xd

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academy student
academy student

Posts : 182
Join date : 2011-01-21
Age : 27
Location : Home^^

Battle Examples Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Examples   Battle Examples I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 9:55 pm

Me (Kumori) vs Gats (Wes)

Wes: Uhm yeah O_O thought i'd try it XD

OKays, we're both aware of the rules! :3
*throws out two pokemon (salamence and metagross)* and what're you using, young lady? ;)

Kumori: That's Pokemon Ranger Kumori to u kid! *throws out Houndoom and Walrein*
u go first

Wes: "Salamence!, you know the plan!"

*salamence rises into the sky*
Wes: Metagross! Earthquake!

Metagross uses earthquake!

-All pokemon except from metagross who are on the ground get effected by the earthquake-

Wes: Salamence! Flamethrower!

Salamence used Flamethrower on Walrein

Kumori:Houndoom uses Protect to block ur earthquake and walrein moves out of the way of the earthquake so it missed. And since Walrein is a water/ice type, flamethrower isn't really super effective against it.

Kumori: Walrein! Sheer Cold on Salamence!

Sheer Cold is an Ice-type move and is a one-hit KO so salamence faints since ice beats both dragon and flying.

Wes: -Sheer cold misses-

Wes: Lets bring down the heavens!!....Salamence! Draco Meteor!.....Metagross! Meteor Mash!

Salamence used Draco Meteor!
Metagross used Meteor Mash!

Kumori:Draco Meteor and Meteor Mash hit everyone on the field so u hurt ur pokemon by doing that u know.

But I know a way to avoid it.

Walrein uses Dive. (It goes underwater and doesnt get hit)
And Houndoom uses Light Screen so the moves sort of hit but they dont do their full damage.

ur move

Wes: -Dive is a two turned move, you're Walrein cannot defend-
Wes: Metagross! Brick Break!

Metagross Used Brick Break!

Wes: Salamence! Dragon Pulse!

Salamence Used Dragon Pulse!

-Both moves hit Houndoom-

Note: if you choose to defend by 'protect' - Brick break shall destory it! >:3

Kumori: hold it. protect would still work cuz i just checked on the move brick break and it is affected by protect and it only breaks barriers like light screen and reflect.

So houndoom does use protect and it works and it blocks both moves successfully.

And then Walrein comes up from underwater and hits Metagross. And if im right Water is super effective against steel. so now Metagross is at low HP lol

Wes: you bitch!, Let do this!

Metagross used Psychic! (Super Effective)
Salamence used Dragon Pulse!

-Houndoom, he's dead now >:3-

Kumori: Dark types are immune to psychic type moves idiot.
So only Dragon Pulse hit Houndoom
and no he hasnt fainted yet...hes just at low hp.
For his move, I use a hyper potion (berry) to heal him back up.
And as for my walrein's move (who has very little damage) he uses Surf!

Metagross faints. and Salamence gets soaked hard.

Wes:Metagross is saved by 1hp (Focus band) O______O

*gives metagross a full restore* >:3

Salamence uses crunch on walrein >_<

Kumori: As salamence comes in close on walrein....Walrein uses Avalanche on Salamence!

And since metagross didnt do anything this move, now's my chance!

Houndoom uses Fire Blast on Metagross!

Wes: Metagross uses protect >________>
<_____< Salamence uses Dragon Pulse

Kumori: Walrein has a high defense so it just did a little bit damage.....

Walrein now uses Ice Beam on Salamence!

and then Houndoom uses Fire Blast on Metagross! (and remember protect doesnt work when its used twice in a row)

Wes: -fire blast misses due to accuracy- O_O

Metagross uses hammer arm! (on houndoom)
Salamence uses flamethrower (on the ice beam - fire melts ice) >:3

Wes will never lose, not too the likes of you! mwahahahahaha >:3

Kumori: Wait a min fire blast has 85% acc....but w/e

Houndoom uses protect to block hammer arm (it works cuz i havent used it 2x in a row)

And Flamethrower melts the ice beam, thus making a mist around my team, thus making it harder to hit us.

and now that ur pokemon have no idea on where walrein and houndoom are....

Walrein uses blizzard! (which hits both Metagross and Salamence) (and after all these ice moves, salamence is now frozen)

we'll see about that punk.
u know i could arrest u now for cruelty to pokemon since i am a pokemon ranger/current champion

Wes: Whats this!? Salamence is evolving!.......oh no wait, hes frozen -.-

Metagross! return *recalls metagross* >.>

Good match KT
*Scratches my head* what am i gonna do with salamence? >_<

Kumori: No problem.

And here, let me take care of ur salamence. *Uses an Ice Heal on Salamence*

U might wanna bring ur pokemon to a pokemon center now. Oldale Town isn't that far.

Now, then. Where did Gary go? He wanted to battle me.

Gary: im here and ready

Wes: *hopes onto my salamence and flies away* O^O we must train some more!! i'll be back for you KT!!!

Kumori: Anytime, gats. Anytime.
@ Gary: okay then...u go and make the thread.

my name is Kumori. and u are?

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academy student
academy student

Posts : 182
Join date : 2011-01-21
Age : 27
Location : Home^^

Battle Examples Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Examples   Battle Examples I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 10:04 pm

Kumori vs Gary

Kumori: Ill go first. *throws out electivire and Lucario* u throw your pkmn out.

Gary: *throws out dragonite and darkrai* go.

Kumori: This may be harder than i thought.

Alright then.

Electivire uses Thunder Wave on Dragonite, paralyzing it.
Lucario uses Aura Sphere on Darkrai, fighting type moves are super effective against dark types.

Ur move

Gary: hmmm i see

before your thunder wave hit dragonite uses safe guard to prevent status such as paralyzing

darkrai takes in the hit then uses dark void on both your pokemon
your move

Kumori: Electivire also uses Safeguard before Dark Void hits thus they dont go to sleep either

Lucario then uses Aura Sphere on Darkrai again. (Super-Effective)

ur move

Gary: darkrai uses protect before it can hit
dragonite uses earthquake on your pokemon

nice job making darkvoid useless

your go

*what turain are we on*

Kumori: Since I am the Champion, we are in a pokemon stadium.

Electivire uses Thunder on Dragonite, thus disrupting it b4 it uses Earthquake (thus Earthquake is void) (super-effective since dragonite is a flying type alongside a dragon type)

And then Lucario uses Aura Sphere on Darkrai again (and if u use protect again it wont work cuz protect doesnt work when used 2x in a row) (super-effective since fighting beats dark)

ur move

Gary: dragonite will use thunder to cansele the thunder lol

darkria uses dark pulse at full power to cansle your Aura Sphere and hit u

Kumori: Actually, the Aura Sphere would go through the Dark Pulse since Fighting beats Dark. and it wont really hurt Lucario. it would only get 1/4 of the damage but the aura sphere swallows up the dark pulse and explodes in the air blowing back ur dragonite.

While Dragonite is blown back, Electivire uses ThunderPunch which is very fast and never misses on Dragonite to further the damage done.

Lucario then uses Force Palm on Darkrai (super-effective)

ur move

Gary: dragonite uses a very waek versione of hyperbeam since he cant charge it up in time to stop thunderpunch

darkrai uses Double Team to dodge force palm

Kumori: Dragonite fails to charge up the hyper beam at all and gets shocked by thunderpunch due to the explosion btwn aura sphere and dark pulse 2 moves ago, and begins falling to the ground.

As Dragonite falls to the ground, Electivire uses Shock Wave which never misses...and makes Dragonite faint.

Lucario then uses its aura to sense which Darkrai is the real Darkrai and then finds him and uses Aura Sphere on him. Darkrai then faints as well.

Ref.: Darkrai and Dragonite are unable to battle! The winner and ur still undefeated champion is Kumori!

*Crowd Cheers*

Gary: hmmm i see *calls back pokemon* i lost u won good match

*walks away* till next time

Kumori: np anytime.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your still undefeated Pokemon Fanatics RP Champion Pokemon Ranger Kumori!

*Crowd Chants KU-MO-RI! KU-MO-RI! KU-MO-RI!*

*I bow before the crowd*

*Thinks: I wonder if I'll ever be taken down....*

*I leave*

My Agent (Clone #345): That was a very good match as usual, Mistress.

Me: Thank you. So who's my next victim?

My Agent: No one at the moment, madam. You may relax now.

Me: Ah, Finally. A little peace and relaxation. *I go relax at my house*

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academy student
academy student

Posts : 182
Join date : 2011-01-21
Age : 27
Location : Home^^

Battle Examples Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Examples   Battle Examples I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 10:11 pm

Lance vs Kumori

Lance: lets do this champ *throws out Slaking and Venusaur*

Kumori: That's Pokemon Ranger Kumori to u kid! *throws out Lucario and Charizard*
ill go first

Lucario uses Aura Sphere on Slaking (which never misses and is super-effective due to the fact that fighting beats normal)
Charizard then uses Flamethrower on Venusaur (super-effective since fire beats grass)

Lance: Slaking uses defense curl and takes the attack for Venusaur
Venusaur uses Razor leaf on Aura Sphere

Kumori: Umm dude defense curl only makes the user curl up to conceal weak spots and raise its Defense u only made ur slaking take more damage than it should, and the aura sphere goes through the razor leaf due to the energy stored within it, and it hits slaking.

Slaking cant move this turn due to its ability, Truant: Truant causes the user to only move every other turn.

So since Slaking cant move this turn...Lucario uses force palm on Slaking...
Charizard uses fire blast on Venusaur

(both super-effective cuz u know why)

Lance: Venusaur stands in the way and takes both of the attacks
I use a berry on Venusaur and Venusaur uses Synthesis to heal himself

Kumori: Waste of a berry dude...u only get 3 of whatever healing item u use (its in the rules)

Charizard goes high into the air (prepping for a HM move)

Lucario then uses Force Palm on Slaking yet again, paralyzing whichever pokemon u make it hit (force palm's description says so:The foe is attacked with a shock wave. It may also leave the target paralyzed.)

Lance: Venusaur uses Vinewhip on the ground to bounce himself into the air
Slaking uses Earthquake when Lucario comes at him with Force Palm

Kumori: As Venusaur bounces himself into the air, he is directly hit by Charizard's Fly attack(from last turn), and then charizard grabs Venusaur and uses Seismic Toss on him.

Slaking gets paralyzed and hit by Lucario's Force Palm(from last turn), and then uses protect, thus he doesnt get hit by earthquake.

Slaking can't move on ur next turn dude, and u know why

Lance: Venasaur uses sleep powder when him and charizard are in the air making them both fall, and Venasaur falls on charizard from in the air to the ground

and I don't think any pokemon can survive that crash plus getting landed on by Venasaur

Kumori: Actually *Looks in the smoke that was caused by that and at the video that i use to record the battles in the arena* it seems to me that charizard hit venusaur with fly, then slammed him into the ground with seismic toss, and as charizard was coming down to land, was hit with sleep powder. See? *Dust clears* Charizard is asleep and Venusaur is barely standing (meaning hes at very low HP)

But...I always prepare my pokemon with held items for status problems. Charizard uses his Lum Berry that he held, waking him up, and as Venusaur tries to stand yet again, I make him use Flamethrower on Venusaur, making him faint.

And since Lucario didn't get hit by earthquake cuz he used protect, and slaking couldn't move last turn, he uses Aura Sphere on Slaking one last time, making him faint as well.

I win.

Lance: well that's a drag

*my pokemon return to their pokeballs*

Kumori: well u did good for a first time...and that makes it 4-0 for me and 0-1 for u


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Battle Examples Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Examples   Battle Examples I_icon_minitime

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Battle Examples
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