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 Global rules

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PostSubject: Global rules   Global rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 21, 2011 1:01 pm


Spam- spam on this forum is not allowed.The only place where you may post useless things(make it funny though lol!) is here: chatter box -

Flamming and insulting- this is one of the most prohibeted things on here.If you insult someone without a reason(and even with one) will earn you a infraction or ban or just a warning from our staff.

advertisement- will earn you a ban or worst infraction without warning.However I may allow it ONLY if you ask me directly.However the chances are slim

rep abuse- do not abuse the "rep buttin" and make games like "rep me and lets see who does it more".Thats "repwhoring" and is not allowed.

Spoilers- Not everyone is at the same point of the anime or manga; Respect that by placing the Spoiler Tags where appropriate. Also, please make sure that your thread's title does not contain any spoilers either. This is to protect the members that aren't fully up to date with the latest manga releases. If you can't refrain yourself from doing so, then the staff of NB will change the title(s) of your thread(s) and you will receive warnings/infractions. Allow your creativity to take the place of names or battle outcomes etc.
Illegal activities- You may not link to websites that contain illegal games/movies, or sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content.
Report- Use the Report button if you see a problematic message or post. Don't try to solve the problem alone and don't flame back if someone has flamed you. The staff will take care of it as soon as you report it.
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Global rules
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